Secure your
Digital Identity
with Trustur

Trustur is a digital passport that allows users to confirm their identity just once and use it across multiple digital services. It is designed to be a borderless, convenient way to access a variety of accounts without the need to remember multiple passwords. multiple passwords.

Trustur Services

Trustur  takes verified identity to the next level


Verify identity any where in the world with a QR Code or Phone Number


Multi-Factor authentication allowing easy sign in to all partners connected to Trustur


Simplified credit origination and loan tracking based on automated due diligence


Provides users with up to 40% discount on goods and services provided by Trustur Partners


Centralized management of government services like Social Security and Taxation


Allows users to open accounts with partners in less than 30 seconds


Simplified payment and billing service for funds transfer for Trustur users


Connected repository for healthcare data from partner providers

Customized Services

Capacity for businesses to have customized services built in


Trustur Business Model

Trustur’s business models include both B2B and B2C.

Basic Subscription

Access to Identity, Authentication, and Onboarding Services

Premium Subscription

Access to Credit, Discounts, Governance, HealthCare Services

API & SaaS Services

Access to partner API and web platform for customized services

Trustur is the Best Choice for
Your Business

Join a borderless digital identity service connecting individuals to various digital services

Advanced Security

Trustur connects you to the best digital security service with Military-Grade Encryption.

Safe and Secure

Trustur keeps your Business data protected from threats

Fast and Reliable

Trustur allows users to open accounts with partners quickly.

Download Trustur

Trustur is available
for free on all mobile

Trustur is available on both Apple and Android devices

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